My father and I are very satisfied with the car we bought from you in 2006. It runs very well
                                        and still in good condition. I will be happy to share your website info with my other friends if
                                        they need to buy cars.
                                        Kelly Z.

                                        I bought my daughter first car through Moe back in 2005. I was fortunate to get a new looking
                                        2003 Mazda Protege with only 16,000 miles on it. Having purchased a salvage title has not
                                        made the car less reliable and the price was much lower than Kelly Blue Book. I was thrilled
                                        when Moe was able to find and fix a 2003 Ford Mustang which I purchased as my son's first
                                        car. I was able to give my son his "dream" car at an affordable price. The car has not given
                                        any problems. My encounters with Moe is purchasing these two cars was professional and
                                        fair, and I would not hesitate to buy again, or recommend FixItPros to my friends and family.
                                        Lauren R.

                                        I bought Infiniti J30 in 2003 and now more than 5 years later, it's running fine and I plan to
                                        keep it for 3-4 more yeras. It has been a bargain having leather heated seat and Bose
                                        sound system for such a low price. Looking for a Hybrid now!
                                        Andy, Palo Alto.

                                        I purchased a Mazda Protege from FixItPro in 2004. The vehicle had been "totalled out" in
                                        and accident by the previouse owner, but Moe had done all the repairs. I had my mechanic
                                        check it out and he said there was no structural damage and the car was running well. I was
                                        able to purchase a good care at a great price from FixItPros.

                                        We had no problems and car is running good. Car purchase we easy and everything was
                                        working on the car. Will buy again and recommend to others also.
                                        Hardip R .

                                        I bought a Honda Civic from Moe in 2004 with low mileage at a vey good price. I'll admit, I
                                        was worried about buying a salvaged car but this car has been very reliable. Other than
                                        routine maintenance I have not had to have any work done to the car.
                                        Kristine N.

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