In May 2004, I bought a 2000 Mitsuboshi Mirage from Moe, which was advertised on Craigslist.
                                        The car is in great shape and he gave it to me for a reasonable price. I still own car and I've
                                        had no trouble with it. Six month after I got into a fender bender and the rear bumper needed
                                        some work. Moe graciously agreed to fix and touch it up (instead of replacing it with a brand
                                        new one) since I was his customer, and he again did so at a minimal cost. It was a great
                                        "first car purchase" experience and based on my experience, I'd recommend his services
                                        to anyone else.
                                        Dinesh G.

                                        I purchased a 1998 Honda Civic from "FixItPros" about 3 years ago. I was in need a dependable
                                        car, but never thought I would be able to afford a newer vehicle. I had already gone to a used
                                        dealership, and I was frustrated that I was being taken advantage of. I found an ad for a vehicle
                                        that I was interested in and I must say I was shocked when I went to go to see the vehicle that
                                        advertised for the price listed. Moe was a very nice guy and he let me know evey detail about
                                        that car and did not try to hide anything. I still currently am the proud owner of this Honda and it
                                        is in excellent condition. I have kept up the basic maintenance and ther car runs great. I would
                                        definitely refer all my family and friends to "FixItPros". Thanks again Moe.
                                        Janel G.

                                        The car worked out great for me, I never needed to take it to the shop when I had it. It got
                                        great gas mileage and I don't think I ever really took it to the shop for anything other than
                                        general maintenance.
                                        Ross T.

                                        I would just like to give this testimonial to say thanks to Moe and Payam for the excellent
                                        care and professionalism that was extended to my son and I. We recently bought a white
                                        Hyundai Sonata 2005 w/low miles 44,000, sunroof and Alloy rims. My son, has been very
                                        pleased with  the Sonata as well as myself. We had looked all over trying to find a vehicle for
                                        my son to drive to collage and with the price and quality that we got we couldn't be any happier,
                                        with the decisionto go with "FixItPros" I would recommend this company to my friends and
                                        family with no qualms about it! Thank you for all the help that was given to me and my son, It
                                        has been greatly appreciated.
                                        Anthony P.