I bought a 1990 Lexus LS400 and the car ran very solid just like you had promised. The price
                                        was great. I owned it for 2 and a half years before I sold it again to move. In that time I had
                                        zero major malfunctions and could always rely on it. Thanks for the great car.
                                        Daniel F.

                                        We bought 3 vehicles from 'Fix It Pros' within a 2 year period for our two teenagers and grandpa.
                                        What made us come back to them again and again was the very copetetive pricing and
                                        exceptional value. So far,the vehicles are perfect,as advertised. I am convinced that Moe's
                                        due deligence to every vehicle he works on, combined with his professionalism and complete
                                        honesty makes 'Fix It Pros' a truely unique opportunity for people who seek value.
                                        Gennady S.

                                        The car you sold us did very well. My son was very pleased with it. Our transaction with your
                                        dad was very smooth and he even drove the car to our house for the transaction. We were
                                        pleased with the overall customer support we received. Again thanks for an easy and
                                        convenient service.
                                        Heddy P.

                                        In April 2006 I bought a 2005 Chrysler PT cruiser with approx 15K mis on it. the same model
                                        model/vintage/mileage through a dealer would have been roughly double the cost, so it was
                                        truely a great deal. The car i a salvage title and I am the fourth owner, but Moe was great as
                                        calming any fears regarding this. He walked me through what damage had been done to the car
                                        and what he had repaired. In two years I have had this car I've put 55K new miles on it
                                        recommended maintenance, and the car runs perfectly.
                                        Kelly Z.

                                        I wanted to buy a nice car for myself. I had looked on few websites then this Toyota Corolla
                                        Corolla 2000 caught my eye. This ad was posted by Payam of FixItPros. The pictures of the
                                        car were really impressive. The engine looked like brand new, paint was bright red and the
                                        interior were clean. I liked it and I bought it. I am happy to have had made this reasonable deal.
                                        I am enjoying driving this car. It is a good promising commute car. Thanks Payam.
                                        Waha J.